Pro Sports Tours

Family Fans Program

Pro Sports Tours is a proud member of our community and proud to be guests of communities across North America during all of our sports tours. The Family Fans program is our way of giving back to these communities at home and abroad.

In 2013 Pro Sports Tours helped run fundraisers for a number of minor hockey teams with NHL Winter Classic Raffles and we also donated over $6000 worth of Buffalo Bills ticket to the Boys & Girls Club of Orchard Park.

Pro Sports Tours works with local programs and community centers for ways we can help by running tours for local families who may not otherwise have the opportunity to take their kids to a professional sporting event. If there is a family, coach, player, friend, or anyone who deserves a break and might appreciate being a part of one of our tours ask and see if we have any upcoming tours available with the Family Fans program.


If you are looking for some help with fundraising for your sports teams, stag & doe, or any other event please contact us and see if we can help.

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